About Containers and Automation : Docker – Kubernetes – Git – Ansible – Puppet

What is the Container !? I can say it’s like a image in your Virtual Machine like VmWare or Virtual Box or ProxMox or etc…

In the VM systems we create new machine with new kernel (Completely new OS like Linux – or Windows ) but in Containers we use the same kernel and then use new services so we don’t need more resources

One of the Best Container systems is Docker that you can install with these command in your CentOS :

#yum -y install docker

and after that you can pull any images you want and then run it to use : by this action we increase our speed to make new service (for example Web Server by Nginx )

#docker search “everything you want : example nginx” // to see all images for keyword

#docker pull nginx // pull (we can say install 😉 ) the image

and then check your images you downloaded :

#docker images

the run your image as a container

#docker run -it xbdhd23fjd // xbdhd23fjd is container id ; you can see the id with the last command

check the containers are running

#docker ps -a // we use -a for check if container was run but now is stopped

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